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Greenet is dedicated to delivering broadband internet access to rural areas in the Netherlands by using state-of-the-art telecommunications technology. We believe everyone, including those residing in rural communities, should have access to broadband internet. And we do our utmost to make that happen. With this in mind, we collaborate with existing, reliable providers to offer customised solutions for residents and businesses in rural areas. Additionally, we believe in close collaboration with local installation partners who have a strong understanding of the residents and their specific needs. This allows us to fulfill our commitment to deliver fast internet access to rural communities.

Why choose Greenet Optical fibre?

  • Local service

  • Seamless transition

  • Real smart WiFi transmitters for coverage in the most important places in your home

  • Independent of KPN

What is Greenet Optical fibre?

With Optical fibre from Greenet, you get fast, faster or the fastest internet (up to 1 Gbit/s). And as an extra option we offer

  • iTV from Greenet through Canal Digitaal

  • Fixed Telephone connection service

  • Business Internet package (with fixed IP address)

  • Smart WiFi

Our services come with standard basic installation. If desired, you can opt for full installation by a local installation provider.

We are active in Eastern and Southern Flevoland. Do you want to know what the options are for your address? Check by filling out your postal code on

Our offer for optical fibre

FAST internetFASTER internetFASTEST internet
250/250 Mbit/s
€ 39.95 per month
500/500 Mbit/s
€ 47.95 per month
1000/1000 Mbit/s
€ 49.95 per month

Additional services

Greenet Interactive TV through Canal Digitaal
iTV is the ultimate TV package for the avid viewer who never wants to miss a thing! At just € 15 per month, you will have access to a comprehensive TV package delivered by Canal Digitaal.
  • Approx. 80 channels, many of which in HD

  • 100 hours of recording

  • Postponed viewing and pause and restart TV

  • Free ESPN Complete (worth €12.99)

  • Free Film1 (worth €10)

  • With your TV subscription, you will receive one TV box. You will also get access to an app. The TV app is suitable for use on your smart TV, mobile, tablet, PC and Google TV or Apple TV. So you can decide how you want to watch TV, even if you have several devices (up to a max. of 5 different ones). An extra box costs € 5 per month. 

A total overview of the TV channels included can be found here
In addition to the extended basic package, you have the option to select Ziggo Sport for € 15 per month.
Business internet subscription
Do you need slightly more than the standard broadband packages? Then consider opting for the business package extension:
  1. Fixed IP address
    A fixed access point to the internet which is crucial when you need to log in remotely to your equipment or network.
  2. Guaranteed exchange of your router during office hours
    With Greenet's free exchange guarantee, you'll be back online in no time during office hours!
  3.  VAT invoice
    Rest assured; a VAT invoice will be provided to you as a standard procedure.
Greenet Telephone Service
Starting charge: 10c
Pay 10c per minute, charged per second
Free voicemail via email
Keep your telephone number for free
Free calls to other Greenet customers
Telephone subscription costs: € 1.00 per month

Or opt for unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers in the Netherlands for € 12.50 per month

Full installation
We will provide a connection with an installation guarantee of 100%, that covers your TVs, one computer or laptop. For an additional €100, our technicians can assess your entire internal network and connect all your computers and printers, ensuring you can get straight to work as soon as they leave!

All prices include VAT

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