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Large logistical centres (warehouses) contain a wide variety of items, sometimes from different clients. Fast access to different items and accurate stock control are vital.

Due to the large amount of steel and iron in the construction of these buildings, using Wi-Fi is an operational challenge in some cases. Public mobile networks also often lack coverage in centres for the same reason, which means that these networks cannot provide sufficient stability. An optimised setting of the many Wi-Fi access points is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of various critical applications, such as the use of handheld scanners.

An MPN offers the solution. A comprehensive network with full coverage is built using only a small number of access points, which seamlessly integrates into the existing LAN network and provides direct access to essential business applications. The MPN provides a stable and reliable network and guarantees optimal coverage. Mobile technology, through the use of SIM cards, provides easily manageable, secure and encrypted access to the network.

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