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Why a Mobile Private Network?

Security, reliability and flexibility are the key features of a Mobile Private Network (MPN). Through an MPN, people and things (Internet of Things) are connected using 5G technology, facilitating all kinds of industry-specific applications. An MPN distinguishes itself from a public network by providing dedicated support to crucial business applications through its own local network, ensuring a secure, reliable and continually accessible connection.

Through a Service Level Agreement, an MPN also offers more certainty about network coverage and performance guarantees. An MPN can offer this assurance due to its ability to more accurately predict the number of users and volume of data traffic, as compared to public mobile networks.

An MPN solution tailored to your needs

Every sector and organisation has its own needs and requirements. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. For one organisation, protecting patient data is a top priority, while for another, having the ability to adjust network capacity with ease may be the most critical factor.

By listening to our customers’ needs, we identify what challenges they face. Only then do we look for the solution that best fits their needs with the help of our trustworthy and dependable partners. Our expertise acquired over the years by working for diverse sectors enables us to consistently provide customised solutions for everyone.

The main advantages of a Greenet Mobile Private Network

  1. Security - an MPN enables secure data traffic and management within its own private, closed network. Our customers decide who has which access.

  2. Reliability - redundant connections in our data centers guarantee continuity of business processes and a stable connection for all your end-2-end data traffic.

  3. Flexibility - by choosing the right technology and utilizing a fully configurable IP routing, we can offer solutions that enable seamless integration with existing IT systems.

  4. Easy implementation – configuring new devices and ensuring they are operational.

  5. Cost efficient – support of improved interference management capabilities, with fewer nodes.

Are you curious about Mobile Private Network possibilities for your organisation?

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