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In a hospital or healthcare institution, you always need access to your patients' and clients' medical data, in a secure and controlled way. This obviously not only applies within the walls of the hospital or healthcare facility, but also remotely, as more and more people work from home and require secure access to certain information.

Sending this sensitive data over an existing public network puts users at increased risk of a data breach, unauthorised access or a disruption. A Mobile Private Network (MPN) provides a secure connection between different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as being able to monitor devices that record and transmit sensitive patient data.

Greenet eases the burden on the healthcare industry

With our MPN for the healthcare industry, we support daily care processes. We ensure that nursing staff have easy and accessible insight into the patient's functioning and can monitor them using smart home automation devices. By using bed sensors, we can, for instance, predict whether someone is in danger of falling out of bed, or even prevent this from happening. Locating resources, such as beds, also becomes effortless if they are networked. This way, people no longer have to physically look for them, but they are easily found via an app.

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