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Visitors to your trade fair, conference, festival or sports event use a substantial amount of the available capacity of the public mobile data network with their smartphones. In some cases, this capacity is scaled up by the mobile providers for the duration of the event. However, business-critical in-house processes can be delayed by an overloaded network.

When many visitors use the public network at the same time, this can lead to delays and problems with payments. In addition, other critical processes, such as the operation of lighting, sound and other technology, catering management, logistics coordination and communication with staff and partners can be disrupted.

This can cause annoyance and frustration for both visitors and staff. Network failures can also pose dangers. Simply consider the potential issues that could arise with communication for crowd control and emergency notifications, and the coordination of evacuations.

An optimal visitor experience

To prevent breakdowns and guarantee continuity, we can build a Mobile Private Network at an event location, with or without our partners. This network is used exclusively to facilitate crucial processes such as payments, access control, security and production at the event. This network is not accessible to visitors, so its operation is not affected by their mobile data usage. We can therefore ensure peace of mind for the event organiser, who can wholly focus on the running of the event.

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